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tv   BBC News  BBC News  December 23, 2016 5:45am-6:01am GMT

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a terrorist attack in melbourne on christmas day. an experimental vaccine has been found to be highly effective against the deadly ebola virus. the trial was carried out in guinea which was most affected by the outbreak. donald trump has said the us "must greatly strengthen and expand its nuclear capability." he made the call which would be a break with decades of american strategy in a post on social media. now it is time for our news review: "putin and trump call for nuclear boost". the financial times writes about how russia's president and america's president—elect have both released statements — mr putin saying moscow needs to "strengthen its strategic nuclear forces" and mr trump tweeting the us "must greatly strengthen and expand its nuclear capability". the china daily reports the country's paying close attention
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to donald trump's transition team, after mr trump announced peter navarro — a critic of china — will head america's national trade council. the independent runs an exclusive report saying other deadly christmas market and shopping centre attacks were planned, but foiled, in europe, before the berlin truck incident happened this week. the times quotes an unnamed source saying the queen is "disappointed" with the british prime minister, after theresa may apparently refused to share details about her plans for brexit negotiations. italy's cabinet has approved a state—bailout for the country's third—largest bank, monte dei paschi. a 20 billion euro fund will support italy's embattled banking sector. that's in the guardian. and sugar and spice and all things nice, except for the price tag! the cost of cinnamon, cardamom and vanilla have spiked because of the danish lifestyle choice —
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an live in denmark and i know it is not a lifestyle choice it is a feeling. i am impressed. i lived there for three years and it is all ican there for three years and it is all i can say so not very impressive. joining us is mark davies — chief executive of strategy consultancy, camberton. let's start with a possible nuclear arms race beginning before christmas! if you are not on twitter you do not know it is happening. christmas! if you are not on twitter you do not know it is happeningm seemed to come out of the blue. that is how donald trump does things. i think it is not want to escalate nuclear capabilities but it might be
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about meetings he is having next week and trying to set the scene. the amazing thing is that he puts out stuff like this out on twitter and it is what it does diplomatically that matters and when you decide to tweet you are going to increase nuclear capability, you cannot do it as a president. when barack obama came in they talked about getting his lack buried taken away. —— about getting his lack buried taken away. — — blackberry. about getting his lack buried taken away. —— blackberry. donald trump puts out slightly crazy things like this. vladimir putin is also... we are pointing the finger at sharp but if vladimir putin escalates dust trump? vladimir putin... it is a different thing altogether. we know that vladimir putin likes to play
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the strongman and it is a very different thing. there is this way to expand which is different to modernise. that we again to get missiles but not increase the number. it is almost like he is trying to out reagan reagan. people said that he was a bit of a maverick and he had only been an actor, neglecting to remember the fact he had then governor on california and beenin had then governor on california and been in politics for some time. those that want to be positive about trump, say it'll work and —— saying people were concerned about ronald reagan but he turned out all right but those were very, very different times. it does not make any sense at any level but there we go. sweeter, leaves for the nuances. 20 worst to
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go on and you cannot make policies from that. maybe in a month it will be able to talk at greater length. the next story, there was a book called death by china written by peter navarro, a critic against china but that critic is now heading this new trade body, if you will, in the us. crouching tiger is the more re ce nt the us. crouching tiger is the more recent book and it talks about a trap about when there is a rising trade power, the power that is threatened eventually reverts to wall and that is probably the more concerning walk. —— acra three. death by china was all about china and world organisation having a
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massive impact in america. the biggest mistake made in its history. it is something donald trump has been talking about at great length so been talking about at great length so it was not really surprising in that respect to appoint him to this post because he gets to the heart of his current position. but of all concerned is that he has written this book about militarism of china and the impact of that and if you ta ke and the impact of that and if you take the two things together, i think people are slightly concerned. he is no fool, he is a professor at the university of the on your. —— of california. after the berlin market attack, we are reporting about what has been happening in australia and the independent saying similar things have been going on in this country. what do you make of it?
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suddenly, spies, unnamed sources... this particular story is about the arrest of six people in the derby area ten days ago which did not come out before. what concerns me slightly is this competitive media position to get a terror story. the story you mention in melbourne, all sorts of issues that have suddenly come out. as you rightly say, these things are going on all the time. they appear in the paper because of what happened in berlin and there will be a lot of chatter about it and then things will go quieter.m it helpful? it bolsters the security services who say we are working hard but in terms of the public mood, do
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people need to do this? the time of year does not help. 0ne people need to do this? the time of year does not help. one of the first stories i remember in my life was the lockerbie bombing which occurred around christmas. it is not terribly helpful to the country. we will skip over the queen and theresa may... we have not heard from the queen. we have not heard from the queen. we have not heard from the queen. we have not heard from either laughter the third bailout since the financial crisis. what do you do to fix the italian banking sector? after this bailout there will be a lot of value in italian banks stop i yet to be convinced. alex bronner has hit written a piece saying this
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isa height has hit written a piece saying this is a height of the bonds this scheme and the... everything is brought about by the monte dei paschi di siena. they invested to double the size and, if they had not done that, of course, there would not have the problem they do have. can you feel it? have you seen some of the words in danish? thank you very much. merry christmas. bye—bye.. hi there. i'm sure you've already heard but barbara, the second named storm of the season, is heading to the uk for friday. now, yesterday was the quiet before the storm in many respects.
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barbara, out in the atlantic, continues to develop and deepen, and that's going to be swinging to the north—west of the uk over the next 2a hours. it has been a relatively storm—free start to winter, of course, but that is all set to change as barbara comes hurdling in off the atlantic. tightly packed isobars really squeezing together and focussing the strongest winds on scotland. as we start off the morning, the breeze will be picking up across all of the uk but it will become quite windy quickly in the day across northern ireland and scotland. quickly, gales will develop here but the strongest winds will be heading into the western isles as we head through friday afternoon. this band of rain then pushes its way eastwards across the irish sea, where we could get gusts of 60mph, perhaps 70mph around some of the exposed coasts and hills. this band of rain is going to be very squally indeed. eastern england starting on a dry and bright note but it will cloud over and eventually we'll see this band of rain arrive during the evening time. but it is not the rain that's going to cause problems with barbara, no, the met office's amber weather warning is enforced
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for the strong winds. gusts of 80mph, perhaps 90mph focussing on the western isles through friday afternoon and then heading towards the northern isles as we go through friday evening and overnight. so very the windy weather will continue as barbara slips into a northwards. blustery wintry showers will follow then as we go through friday night with snow returning to the mountains of scotland. things could get quite tricky, even blizzard conditions higher up. further south, the band of rain clears through, and we will be left with dry conditions as we start off christmas eve. so some decent weather for travelling around actually across england and wales but further north, and west, we've got those blistering showers, still some further falls of snow to come across the mountains of scotland. those temperatures will be dropping away a little bit on christmas eve. highs ranging from around 4—1! degrees celsius, from north to south. heading into the big day itself, christmas day, you can see on the charts, still tightly packed isoba rs. but notice they're tilting towards the south—west so southwesterly winds washing over the uk and those southwesterly winds are mild winds so we're
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going to have quite a mild day. you can see this yellow colour working its way across the country. some of us around london could get up to around 14—15 degrees. so yes, very mild but it will also continue to be very windy, peculiarly across the north—west, even quite stormy for some across the exposed north—west. but then as that works through, we'll be back into the colder air and late on christmas day, we could have some snow showers returning to scotland. hello, this is breakfast, with naga munchetty and jon kay. prison guards are back in control as a disturbance at swaleside in kent is brought to an end. 60 inmates were involved. it's the fourth major incident at an english prison in less than two months. good morning, it's friday the 23rd december. also this morning:
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a country on high alert. two men are arrested on terror charges in germany as the hunt continues for the man responsible for the attack on a christmas market. delays and disruption are expected as millions of people hit the roads, rails and skies before christmas.
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